Diploma in SEO and Web Development

Master SEO and web development with our practical diploma program, launching your career into the digital realm.


SEO and Web development work together to make websites shine online. SEO helps websites appear higher in search results by using the right words and structure, while web development ensures websites are easy to use on computers and phones. When these two work together, businesses can understand what people want online and make their websites better to meet those needs. It’s like having a well-tuned instrument in a digital orchestra, where each note played brings more people to the website and turns them into happy customers.

Importance of SEO

Improve Digital Marketing ROI
Drives High-Quality Traffic to the Website
Help Higher Rank in Local Searches
Improve Website Usability

Career Opportunities

Some career suggestions after completing this diploma program

Teaching mode

We believe in practical rather than theoretical.

Course Syllabus​

What you will learnt are stated here

No Topic
Local SEO
Sysem Connection
Technical SEO
SEO Content Writing
Backlink Building and Management
Search Engine Marketing
Website Development

Course Information

We provide a short program for you to obtain a diploma certification at a super affordable price!


14 months (2 months theory, 12 months industrial training)


UK Diploma Certification of Warnborough College


RM 3,000